Customer Services provides all of your rim center cap, wheel and rim accessories, replacement, and repair needs. We provide a great variety of parts in our online store and we can track down almost any hubcap, wheel cap or accessories with a serial number, a picture and description of the cap or part, or a mailed in cap with or without the existing serial number.

If you need hubcaps, hubcap accessories, and wheel accessories, we have them or we’ll find them. Freshen your custom rims and mags today, with Services

  • Aftermarket center caps, hubcaps, parts, accessories, rivets, and so much more.
  • Hub centering rings ( hubrings ) , specialty lug nuts, spacers, wheel lock keys, spline keys, Valve Stems and other accessories to remove and mount new, used, or existing rims.
  • Additional and spare parts like additional rims, wheel keys, spline keys, and so much more to ensure you have that parts you need in case or damage, emergency, and/or removal when needed for your hubcaps and rims.

Additional Services

  • Vintage wheel caps and accessories to service and modify almost all aftermarket, custom, vintage, and hotrod rims and accessories from the past and present.
  • Chroming and replating services for aluminum or mag rims and accessories.
  • Replacement of discontinued, custom, and highly customized plastic parts with remarkably similar products and parts with the use of a sample or part provided.
  • Hubcap/Center Cap repair and replacement of mismatched or damaged center caps, parts, and accessories with serial numbers or mailed in samples.
  • All products within the store are stocked in house and all inventory amounts are up to date and accurate.
  • Any products needed and not listed can be acquired with a serial number, a picture and description of the cap or part, or a mailed in cap or accessory with or without the existing serial number.
  • All warehousing and sales services are conducted by, a family owned business in the United States of America with complete control of distribution.

Shipping and Expedited Service

  • When you order from our store you’ll receive expedited service to get the parts when you need them, with no backorders or delays and all orders shipped within one business day of order.
  • Special orders are attended to quickly and we’ll acquire and ship your custom order quickly and efficiently.
  • National service available in the United States of America, and international service available with some additional shipping charges.