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About Us


Have you purchased aftermarket rims and wheel accessories only to find that you can’t find the parts that go with your rims?

Do you have a customer who wants to repair, replace, or revitalize their wheel caps, rims, and wheel accessories?

While aftermarket rims and accessories can make any vehicle look more stylish and modern, it’s often hard to find parts and accessories for those rims after the initial purchase. wheelcentercap.com provides all your replacement and repair needs for your aftermarket rims, center cap, and wheel hardware.

If you don’t find the parts you need on our site, we’ll track it down. We can track down almost any wheel center cap or accessories with a serial number, a picture and description of the cap or part, or a mailed in cap or part with or without the existing serial number.

If you don’t have the part number but have the part you can mail it in to our facility and we’ll either find the same part or another part that very closely resembles the original. This service applies to nearly all makes and models of aftermarket rims and accessories, regardless of type, brand, or the age of the parts.

If you need a cap that you don’t see on our site, email us with the products serial number, a picture and description, or mail us the part itself and we’ll track down a replacement quickly and mail it to you immediately, nationally or internationally (with an additional charge). We find parts for customers and major chains alike and are known for fast service and high satisfaction. We service the needs of major chains like Discount Tire, America’s Tire, Big O Tire, Les Schwab and many other large national chains. We also service customers just working on their prized classic car, their decked out hotrod, or just trying to maintain the beauty of their custom ride and custom rims.

At wheelcentercap.com we have over thirty years of experience in the automotive industry. The shops and customers we deal with know us for our prompt service, excellent customer service, and the ability to find the parts they need. If you can’t find it, if it’s discontinued, or if it’s no longer in production; we’ll find the rim and center cap parts and accessories you need.

If you need a center cap, wheel accessories, and rim accessories, we have them or we’ll find them. Freshen you custom rims, mags, and wheels today, with wheelcentercap.com.

***Contact us:

Email info@wheelcentercap.com

We’ll contact you within one business day of inquiry through email.

***Order by mail** :

17223 Sierra Hwy # 116
Santa Clarita, Ca 91351

* Include your address, email, and phone number when you contact us.

**Please include a part number, a picture and description of the cap or part, or a mailed in cap or part with or without the existing serial number for custom orders after contacting us.